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"Last letter"

The development of younger teenager in they early social lifestyle whereby skills and experiences are relevant in different subjects to have achieve great knowledge to enter into labour market.Nevertheless, many factors are involved and will be awaiting their response to format these steps; pair group pressure, background affluence and economical standard of individuals in context.

 Haven't been able to work with different situations where theater details for scripts open doors for all people with disabilities can also link norms and cultures,this project will be awaiting the arrival of human WiFi routes by meaning ? An Hand-shake is the password to receive connection into understanding other path of geographical norms and values because is the biggest beautiful moments every individual youths can break a smile while the educational purposes is seen and being tought with tears of joy.The "Last Letter" revolves around the edges of emotions, feelings and how generation has leaved and experience fear to strength happiness amongst journey ahead with destination where they are present to continue their sincere regards from original land.

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